South Western Housing Society and Tamar Housing Society as of 31 March 2023, are a merged organisation known as Willow Tree Housing Partnership Limited.

WTHP has agreed its vision, mission and values, which informs why we became a merged organisation and how we will deliver into the future:

Vision: Deliver and Grow
Mission: To build and manage safe and comfortable homes that are truly affordable for people who are not in a position to access the housing market.
Values: Supporting collaboration – enabling staff and tenants to work together to achieve shared goals
Trust and honesty – being willing to listen and learn and be open when we need to improve
Respect and understanding – all colleagues and residents can expect mutual courtesy and empathy when times are challenging
Integrity and professionalism – ensuring at all times that we conduct ourselves in a way that reflects the importance of the service we provide
Versatile and innovative – by embracing opportunities and new ways of thinking that will enhance how we deliver
Equal and inclusive – by celebrating difference and ensuring that we do not operate in a way that excludes anyone.

The objectives for our new organisation will be those that were adopted by the partnership, as they remain relevant for the work that WTHP continues to look to achieve:

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